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Paschalis Apostolidis S.M.L.L.C. (distinctive title: Nutripet Hellas), is a Greek company that manufactures processed and balanced food for dogs and cats. Nutripet Hellas was founded in 1987, and has facilities in Kilkis, at Northern Greece. Having large experience and expertise guarantees the perfect outcome.

Nutripet Hellas produces high-quality products, based on Greek agricultural production, with raw materials that are carefully selected and strictly tested to our high quality control. The production of food that’s measured to the nutritional needs and habits of dogs and cats that reside in Greece, is the company’s main goal, a goal achieved by consistently and accurately serving the modern needs in production of balanced and complete food, for all dogs and cats, regardless of age or breed.

Nutripet Hellas is the first Greek pet food company, showing a dynamic upward course, since its foundation. This is achieved through the company’s policy of investing in new technological equipment and of constantly updating and educating personnel in new technologies, research and development of new products.

Additionally, Nutripet Hellas has established and applied a Quality Management System that complies with the International Standard (IS) ISO: 9001:2008 as well as a Food Safety Management System, according to HACCP and the ISO 22000:2005.

A team of experienced personnel at Quality Control, guarantees the liability and consistency in accordance with International Standards, so that all the customer’s standards are maintained.

Nutripet’s large export activity in Balkan and European countries, shows the high quality of production, in practise.


Nutripet Hellas operates from a modern production plant (of a surface of about 6.000 m2), in the district of the industrial zone of Kilkis. Both production plant and company’s headquarters are in these facilities.

Nutripet Hellas offers a wide range of high quality products and owns facilities efficiently equipped with high performance contemporary machinery. We continue to invest in modern equipment and we conduct constant controls on its suitability and security for our personnel.

The company is moving forward with the creation of our own Quality Control Department. Side by side with the Production Department, they are in charge of developing and creating new products as well as testing the existing ones, a policy that guarantees a line of products of high quality.

Additionally, we have a fully equipped laboratory, where all the analyses of the Quality Control Department take place.

The personnel’s education in new technologies is one of our top priorities.

Raw materials suppliers are evaluated in accordance with the demands of Quality Management Systems ISO 22000:2005.


Nutripet Hellas guarantees the consistent quality of its products. Quality that is achieved through precise production process. During catering, there is a strict application of product rations, through electronic and automatic weighing of all raw and ancillary materials, according to flow diagrams.

Specialized personnel at our department of Production and Quality Control, inspect the parameters of temperature and turnaround in every stage, as well as, all the points of Correct Manufacturing Practice daily. We constantly record and file all these parameters, as well as apply a tracking monitoring system at every stage of production.

Nutripet’s successful course was achieved through the usage of modern equipment and employment of highly-trained staff. We manufacture nutrition products of excellent quality, both for dogs and cats.